Best Commercial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating

Various systems offer many decorative options. You need to find a flooring option that’s durable, sanitary, and able to withstand chemical spills—and, if possible, one that doesn’t have to be replaced year after year!

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Lastly, keep in mind an epoxy floor coating’s application method and durability.


Best commercial grade epoxy floor coating. Our floor coating systems are versatile for any commercial area. We serve the indianapolis area and. Brightens even the darkest areas!

Our clients include many fortune 500 companies, all branches of the u.s. When you need a seamless high gloss epoxy floor paint that's as tough as nails, armor ii with millions of square feet installed is the perfect choice. Getting down to sound, clean concrete, which allows the first and most important coat to penetrate deep into the concrete.

Instead, the aliphatic urethane particles will puddle on the surface. These methods remove of latent, deteriorated concrete and contaminants from the floor surface. Oil stop primer from $59.99.

Our epoxy basement floor coating solutions vary, and we try our best to ensure that we offer quotes that befit this. This unique 2 part primer allows epoxy coatings to bond the floor preventing beading on stained surfaces. Armor ii is a 100% complete diy commercial epoxy flooring system for shop and high traffic floors!

We help customers need right, intermediate, and heavy coating solutions, thanks to our various epoxy resins and coatings. Military, and thousands of manufacturing and distribution facilities. The oil stop primer is designed for floors where oils spills, grease, petroleum, and other alike chemicals or substances have penetrated deep into the concrete contaminating it.

We understand that epoxy isn’t always the most economical solution however there are many benefits associated with applying an epoxy coating in your commercial space. Also, it’s a good idea to install an integral cove base that is coated for a completely seamless surface. The best concrete sealer for large commercial floors would be an aliphatic urethane.

The best epoxy floor coating for a commercial kitchen is one with high build and nonslip qualities. If you are a contractor looking for industrial and commercial coatings, we have 100% solids epoxy, abatement encapsulants, and trusted high performance brands such as fiberlock, norklad, and devoe. Tips on cleaning and caring of your industrial epoxy floor coating.

Aliphatic urethanes are a type of topical concrete sealer whose large particles of sealant preclude the concrete sealing solution from passing into the concrete. Whether your floor receives heavy traffic or light traffic, we have the right epoxy coating for it. While some paints take minutes to dry up, others need up to 24 hours.

For larger aircraft or heavy forklift traffic use our military grade epoxy system. This is not your ‘big box store’ garage floor epoxy. Perfect for commercial garages, warehouses, workshops, machine shops, race shops and hangars.

Top grade industrial epoxy flooring. We offer free shipping over $100, ideal for bulk orders. When it comes to commercial grade floor coatings, the options are with an experienced commercial painter to learn what your options are and understanding the differences and benefits of each choice can aid you in making an informed decision on which coating will work best for your flooring type.

Some of the many benefits of a ucoat it floor coating system. This kit features a single layer of epoxy primer, single layer of epoxy coating, and standard topcoat along with our decorative flooring chips. If you are a homeowner looking to coat your garage floor with epoxy paint, consider water.

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